The 411 about YSS

Swaps are invitation only. If you are a newbie and want to join our group, please contact me. My email can be found on my blogger profile at my regular blog yarnigras! Or leave a comment here.

If you have swapped here before but were not invited to a swap, please contact me as I may have lost your email addy.

1. My swaps are meant to be a creative outlet and challenge but materials and shipping can add up so please budget $10- $20 per swap.

2. If a newbie wants join, he/she must be invited by a group member. The person who referred the newbie will be responsible for her during their first round.

3. Please don't cut corners. If you are too busy to be creative, don't swap this round.

4. Communication is key.

5. Please wrap your items so everything arrives clean & safe.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Doing The Monster Mash ......

Remember these ....

Well, I had time to play yesterday ....

Doing The Monster Mash Zombie Style !!!

What I sent

Hope my partner doesn't mind me showing what I made. She loves the movie corpse bride... So my zombie was inspired by that movie.

Instead of carrying a bouquet, this zombie is carrying her head. There is a giant blood stain where her head should be and black flowers. That was my 11 yr old's idea ;)

I also sent along other goodies including Halloween julep polish, pumpkin carving lit, a small rat, and a few decorations. I love julep nail polish <3 and I wish the October offerings would have come in time for the swap! Glow in the dark top coat... Anyway... I'm hoping my personal "make something" will be a zombie themed manicure as soon as my polish arrives :) 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Bloody Mary!

I did a Nursery themed zombie doll for the challenge:

and her poem....

Apparently, the true meaning behind this particular nursery rhyme included beheading and I didn't have to stretch too far!


I want to thank Jill for my Zombie package!!  I love it. They are so stinking cute! Thank you Chris!!


Thank You Spring ...

I had a visit from our friendly post lady yesterday ...

 Thank you Spring for my package ....

Some fun Halloween goodies ..... my daughter has already snaffled one of the cups and the polka dot coffin :-)

And Mr Jack Skellington ....

October 1st is just around the corner ...... time to release the zombies !!!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Thank you!

I adore the Addams Family.  ALL of them....even Thing and Cousin It!

So....what did I get for this swap?


along with a glittery pumpkin, a spider ornament and a couple kitchen towels

I adore her, I mean, seriously y'all....Isn't She awesome?!

Thank you Shelley!

More Zombie Ideas .....

I found these two tutorials today, during my browse around Pinterest ........ Just in case you have time to squeeze in a little more zombie magic before Halloween ..... I'm tempted !!!

ZOMBIE MASON JARS .... These look so easy and are super cute.

ZOMBIE BARBIES .... These made me giggle. Wish I'd seen this before selling all of my daughters barbies at the garage sale last weekend. I could have had some fun !!!

Hoping y'all have a fun day :-)