The 411 about YSS

Swaps are invitation only. If you are a newbie and want to join our group, please contact me. My email can be found on my blogger profile at my regular blog yarnigras! Or leave a comment here.

If you have swapped here before but were not invited to a swap, please contact me as I may have lost your email addy.

1. My swaps are meant to be a creative outlet and challenge but materials and shipping can add up so please budget $10- $20 per swap.

2. If a newbie wants join, he/she must be invited by a group member. The person who referred the newbie will be responsible for her during their first round.

3. Please don't cut corners. If you are too busy to be creative, don't swap this round.

4. Communication is key.

5. Please wrap your items so everything arrives clean & safe.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

My Zombie Package!!!

I have to say a huge thank you to Sarah; she sent an amazing zombie package. I feel very spoiled!  She sent lots of zombie goodies and an amazing doll. I've posted more pictures on my blog.

Just look at this Sally doll. Her patchwork dress has a ton of detail and she's even holding a jar of deadly night shade. Sarah, you did an amazing job creating her.  Did you want to cry when you had to wrap her up and send her off?  I would have. 

I promise that she has gone to a good, zombie filled home and is already making friends.
Thank you Sarah!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Look at the Amazing Zombie I Received from Jill!!

Isn't he the greatest! So amazingly cool. Jill I LOVE him. He is perfect just as he is. Thank you for such a gruesome guy. I'll be standing him next to my Jack Skellington. Not only was my zombie perfect... check out the rest of the package:

This is the first thing I saw, feathers and eyeballs - 
This is definitely going on the door of the studio. Today!

and then

I love how everything was wrapped in "bloody" butcher paper

The whole package

My fun box of goodies filled with a feather and eyeball wreath, a little zombie house box which was full of ribbon and a deck of Zombie playing cards (I love these), some Zombie Crossing tape, and a "Zombie Croissant" that I get to grow, seriously, I get to grow my own zombie!! To top it all off Jill added extra bugs so I could make my zombie even creepier if I wanted to.

I love these swaps, everyone is so creative and fun. Thanks Val for hosting the swaps for us and Jill - thank you for such an awesome zombie :0) I just adore him and everything else!!!!

Zombie Cookies ....

I think I may just have come upon cookie bakers utopia .........

I could barely contain my excitement today when I found this at World Market .....
I don't really care about all the extras (cookie mix, icing etc) that comes in the kit, but oh boy, I wanted those zombie cookie cutters SOOOOO badly !!!

Look at them ..... how awesome are they !!!!
I will be mixing up a batch of cookie dough this weekend, and making some zombie cookies. The timing couldn't be better, as I have a new sugar cookie icing I've been wanting to try ....

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Teaser for my partner

I know you can't tell but the dolly has lost an eye...

Poor baby

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Thank You Debbie

  I Love my Coraline!! Everything about her is wonderful, the raincoat and boots, her sweet face and blue hair.  My husband was laughing because I was like a little girl (carefully) playing with my new doll.
 She is enjoying a day or two center stage before her new friends come out to play. The grey Hello Kitty socks are going to be turned into a Halloween stuffie, they are too cute to wear.

Thank You again!!!!
Chris =]

P.S. The best part I got her for my birthday.

My Zombie Totoro

Val is amazing ... Her package arrived just before I left for work (my mailman came uber early!)

It's a Totoro <3

Other goodies too that I will post about later... Students are coming now :)

Monday, September 15, 2014

A challenge and a giveaway!

Your doll is shipped, right?   
You have all this good zombie creating energy coursing through your veins!  Right?
NOW what do you do?  Well, I've been thinking about that and came up with an idea.  

Each year I fall in love with what I give away and then want my own!  So with that in mind,  I'm hosting a challenge!

Starting NOW, create yourself something inspired by the swap.   Maybe you want a zombie doll you saw someone else try to make one for yourself!  Or maybe you want a zombie apron. Or maybe you want to creat a zombie doll identical to the one you just shipped off.  Afterall, we love them.  I can't tell you how many times people say, "It was so hard to send this one off."

Make it (whatever it is!) and post it here by October 4th.  Everyone who posts something they made for the challenge will have their name put in a giveaway.

I'll put all the names in a witches hat and draw out a winner!  Then I'll stuff a box full of goodies and ship it off the next week!