The 411 about YSS

Swaps are invitation only. If you are a newbie and want to join our group, please contact me. My email can be found on my blogger profile at my regular blog yarnigras! Or leave a comment here.

If you have swapped here before but were not invited to a swap, please contact me as I may have lost your email addy.

1. My swaps are meant to be a creative outlet and challenge but materials and shipping can add up so please budget $10- $20 per swap.

2. If a newbie wants join, he/she must be invited by a group member. The person who referred the newbie will be responsible for her during their first round.

3. Please don't cut corners. If you are too busy to be creative, don't swap this round.

4. Communication is key.

5. Please wrap your items so everything arrives clean & safe.

Friday, August 29, 2014


Everything started out so normally... I think I might have confused the baby gift with the zombie swap.

Chris =]

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Cooking Heads ....

My Family question just how normal I am .... Hee Hee !!!
The Zombie making fun has begun ...... Today I cooked some Zombie heads :-)

Monday, August 25, 2014

zombie makeup???

They call it smokey eye....but zombie makeup never looked so easy!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Animated Zombie Doll Swap is closed!

Given that we have an UNEVEN number of participants, this swap will be a SECRET swap.
Please don't  contact the person you are sending to.  Just email me and I'll touch base for you.
I just finished emailing everyone their "send to" information today!

Please remember to post sneak peeks and the like here.  We need those cute zombies seen by everyone!  Also, I'll be hosting a giveaway so don't forget to check back from time to time as you are creating!

Happy doll making!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

a little wine?

I couldn't resist...I saw this the other day at World Market.  Didn't buy it because I don't drink Zin....but still.  It DOES fit our theme!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

6th Annual Halloween Swap!

It is time for my annual Halloween swap and since so many of you seem happy to stick with the last few swaps' we go again!  

This year's theme is "Animated Zombies!!!"  
Sign ups start today and end August 23rd at midnight.  Sorry but it is USA only due to shipping.

Mailing deadline is SEPTEMBER 15th.   Please ship using tracking and delivery confirmation and email me the tracking number.
If your doll has not been received by September 30th, you are required to send a replacement package.

This year, we will be swapping:
1 Handmade zombie doll.   

The doll needs to be designed with an animated movie in mind.   There are SO many fun movies out there with zombies in them that the possibilities are endless!  ( But be sure to read what your partner likes before you go crazy.)  Also, there is some latitude here.  If you want a Frankenweiner dog, ask for it.  How about Coraline or ParaNorman?  Sure!  Or Jack from Nightmare before Christmas or The Corpse Bride!  Do some research and you will find a lot of animated movies....even Scooby doo has Zombie Island! 

The doll must measure a minimum of 8" in size. You can make it using any medium you choose, taking into account any allergies noted on the registration form.
Include at least 3 Halloween related tuck ins. These tuck ins can be thrifted, hand made, store bought, hand me downs....but must be in good condition.  Also, be sure to use the list your partner gives you as a guideline.

Cost: My swaps are meant to stretch your creativity, not buckle your budget. Expect to spend a minimum of $10.00 creating your package. (Cost of packaging/shipping is not included in this amount.)

The most important thing to remember is this: Create something you would love to receive. When your partner opens her package, she should be thrilled. We want this to be a wonderful experience for everyone.  

When packing to ship, please use Halloween colored tissues and wrap your package wickedly....but in a GOOD way.  Think Good Witch, not Bad Witch when wrapping...we ghouls want pretty packages!

One last thing. If you join, please do me the favor of posting the swap badge on your blog to encourage others to join.  We need some new blood in our group!

Here is the link to register!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Better late than never

my many apologies for taking so long to share with y'all the cute little guy that i received from Spring for our nursery rhyme zombie doll swap.  last week's "cold front" (daytime high of 89, but less humid than normal) motivated me to get out to the garage where the bulk of my art supplies live and take a few photos.

let me introduce Jack, who appears to have been headed out on a 2 yr mission, but was waylaid by zombies. i love the inclusion of some tapered candles, inspiring the perfect (at least the idea in my head was perfect) photo shoot.

he brought with him some goodies.  there was some candy in there, but it has been some time since i received Jack, and well..

i was thrilled by the burlap rice bag that everything was contained in.  when i opened up the box my 16 yr-old son looked at me expectantly and i said to him "i said that the next one i BUY, besides, this is a different variety, and a gift, so back off."

just the day before, my neighbor gave me a different Royal Basmati bag, and when i walked in the house with it, my son (gazing upon it most covetously) said "that's the same one my dad has and carries stuff around in."  so i told him that the next time i had to buy long grain rice i would buy the same brand and give him the bag. and now i have a set -- or the beginning of a collection, because that's what we do, isn't it?

thank you Spring.  i know you put much thought into this swap, even with all the things that life throws at us. and thank you Valerie for hosting these swaps.  dealing with daily life, the plates full of elephant, and the occasional wrench thrown into our works, it sure is nice to feel the sense of accomplishment that completing a project like this brings.